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OMANTECH The proud products as “Made in Oman” introducing the complete hot & cold water solution for domestic and industrial application. Introducing various range of PP-R , Multilayer PPR, PEX and PE-RT systems solution with latest innovative technology.


OMANTECH® PPR is a specially designed polypropylene random co-polymer (PP-R) that features excellent long-term hydro static pressure resistance and heat stability. It is suitable for hot & cold water supply pipes and fittings as well as radiator connecting pipes. It is the outcome of Borstar® RA140E integrated polymerisation and crystallisation technology with advanced PP manufacturing process technique.


OMANTECH® PERT is High Density Polyethylene Raised Temperature from Borstar®HE3466 RT which is a natural, bimodal HDPE for applications at raised temperatures, with excellent process ability for high speed extrusion lines with excellent output. It is specifically developed for manufacture of flexible pipes in domestic and industrial hot and cold water application. It has optimised mechanical properties like weldability, tensile strength, elongation and ESCR and is produced with the advanced Borstar® technology.


The anti UV technology which known as OmanTech Anti-UV system, pipes are coated with special black anti-UV layer with special developed technology for stronger resistance against UV rays for outdoor applications under direct sunlight.
The innovation of OmanTech anti-UV pipes &fittings provides a complete outdoor piping solution. OmanTech anti-UV piping system has been recognized by consultants and engineers as the most advanced anti-UV system under direct sunlight and exposed application compare to the others. Our target to be the leader and maintain the leadership under this industry .


The OmanTech Reinforced piping Systems also known as multi-layered piping system and claims as a first time introducer in Oman. Instead of traditional Aluminium layer to reduce the liner expansion OmanTech uses the fibreglass layer with greater strength and better heat resistance.
There are various multi-layered products of OmanTech like 3 layer (PPR-Fibre Glass-PPR). In the case of 4 layers, we have UV-PPR-Fibre Glass-PPR and PPR-Fibre Glass-PPR-Anti bacteria. This speciality takes care of the purity of water as a responsibility towards human society. This is compatible to use in domestic as well as industrial sector.


OmanTech has got a collection of the wide range of incorporated piping systems which is responsible to convey the advanced technological developments and the research & development team that escorts to the state-of-art piping systems to build the most eminent projects in the PPR world.
Our obligation to plastic transformation technology and modernization continues to be the core of our quality management system. As the field of construction engineering is getting more and more complicated day by day, our continuous efforts towards development for the achievement will make us the leader of the MEP industry.


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